In Australia, HA Brands stands out as a premier supplier of western saddle pads, offering riders and horses alike unparalleled comfort and support during their equestrian adventures. Our curated selection of western saddle pads ensures a perfect fit and optimal cushioning, whether traversing vast plains or navigating rugged trails. With HA Brands, riders across Australia can confidently explore their passion for riding, knowing they have access to high-quality saddle pads that prioritize both performance and comfort for horse and rider alike.

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Horse Saddle Pads for Sale – Order Online

Whether you’re after Western or English, HA Brands has a great selection of horse saddle pads for sale. We stock pads that are perfect for trail riding, western performance, and campdrafting . Our collection also includes performance blankets and cushion pads. All of these products are sourced from leading local and international brands, so product quality is guaranteed.

Whatever your preference, you are sure to find the perfect pad at our online store. Once an order is made, we use a nationwide network of distribution partners that can deliver your brand-new saddle pads in no time.

Explore our current range of horse saddle pads for sale now or give us a call at 0480 470 871!