Welcome to HA Brands, the prime choice for all your Classic Equine products in Australia. Simplify your search for top-quality horse gear and equipment by investing in the Classic Equine brand, a brand recognised worldwide for its durability, innovation, and performance-enhancing design for all horses and riders. We stock them!

With its beginnings in America, Classic Equine has spent the last three decades equipping riders and their horses with excellent performance-driven products. Today, HA Brands is proud to embrace and support Classic Equine enthusiasts in both Australia and New Zealand.

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Classic Equine – The Choice for Horse Equipment

With an emphasis on quality and numerous products, our team fulfils the varying needs of riders, their horses, and equine professionals across Australia. Whether you seek safety boots or saddle pads, we are your reliable online source for Classic Equine products.

Our catalogue of horse riding equipment ensures every item aligns with our commitment to quality. Tested for durability and performance, Classic Equine products from HA Brands offer longevity and value for money. Shop online, place your orders, and we’ll have them shipped to your doorstep.

Classic Equine New Zealand

Classic Equine is not limited to Australia. If you’re in New Zealand and looking for the best horse riding equipment, HA Brands comes to your rescue once again. With the same diverse collection of riding gears and equipment, we’re dedicated to extending our quality products and services to our neighbours.

So whether you’re tacking up for a quiet ride or preparing for a race, HA Brands has got you covered with the finest Classic Equine products. Order your items online!

Why Choose HA Brands for Classic Equine Australia?

Choosing HA Brands for Classic Equine means you’re investing in quality, durability, and dedication:

  • Nationwide Availability: Whether you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, our products reach all corners through our wide distribution network.
  • Commitment to Quality: No compromises on quality. We stock only reliable and trusted horse equipment brands, like Classic Equine.
  • Customer Focused Service: Our prime focus is our customers. We aim to provide a seamless online shopping experience, backed by our knowledgeable team ready to answer any enquiries.

Discover the comprehensive range of Classic Equine products at HA Brands today and equip your horse with quality gear that lasts.

Classic Equine New Zealand – Embracing Equine Philosophy

Classic Equine kicked off with a commitment to deliver the finest quality equine equipment to riders and horses worldwide. Their philosophy revolves around fulfilling the ever-changing expectations of horse lovers.

At HA Brands, we share and embrace this philosophy, providing a range of products that works towards enhancing a horse’s performance while offering comfort and ease of use to the rider. In doing so, we help create an enjoyable and rewarding harmony between the horse and the rider, just as Classic Equine intended.

Remember to keep returning to our site to check for new releases and Classic Equine innovations. Whether you’re in Australia or New Zealand, we’ve got all your Classic Equine needs covered.

Placing Your Order Is Easy

Ready to shop Classic Equine with HA Brands? It’s as simple as a click. Browse our extensive range of Classic Equine products, select your preferred items, add to cart, then checkout. Once your order is placed, we’ll pack it up and ship it directly to your doorstep, no matter your location in Australia or New Zealand.

Got queries or need some assistance? Reach us on 0480 470 871 or drop an email at At HA Brands, we’re all about making your Classic Equine shopping experience the best it can be!

Frequently Asked Questions for 'Ride in Fly Mask for Sale' in Australia
1. What is Classic Equine and why should I choose it for my horse equipment in Australia?

Classic Equine is a globally recognised brand known for its durable, innovative, and performance-enhancing horse gear and equipment. With a commitment to quality, HA Brands offers a diverse collection of Classic Equine products that are rigorously tested for longevity and presentation.

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